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Everything you need for a Sunkissed self-care routine.

We’re beauty experts at our core. That’s why we’ve curated an in-salon experience for clients that includes the highest-quality products and tools. But why wait until your next salon appointment to pamper your hair, skin, and self?

No matter where your travels or life takes you, our hand-picked collection of products will help you maintain that Sunkissed glow every day.

What makes a product sunkissed material?

Healthy hair and skin are key to a life-long glow. We pride ourselves on using the highest-quality brands inside our San Diego hair salon and offering the best product lines to maintain color, hair health, and skin outside of it. We want our clients to always feel our signature salon experience, even when they’re not with us.

How do I know which products are right for me?

Whether you’re an existing client, new client, or across the country searching for the best haircare and skincare products for your daily routine, we’ve got it right here. We’re all about customizing the perfect regimen for your hair, skin, and lifestyle straight from our San Diego hair salon to your home.

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The ultimate mood board with our favorite client glow-ups straight from our San Diego hair salon. See all our Sunkissed styles from bronding and blonding to balayage and color corrections.

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See why our clients call us the best hair salon in San Diego for color.

Fiona & her team make me feel so comfortable every time I go to the salon. I truly feel like I'm in a Destiny Child's song hanging out with my girls. I have a ton of thick black hair, and I am pretty particular about how I want my hair color to look. I can put my complete trust in Fiona, and her team because they will always tell me directly whether or not we can achieve a certain look in one visit or if it will be more of a process to achieve what I want. She is very good at communicating the process throughout your entire salon visit. There's no shortage of compliments on a daily basis after Fiona started doing my hair. It's absolutely gorgeous

-Allison Hutchins

 I have been blessed with having Fiona taking care of my hair! I went in thinking my hair was "blonde" and when i saw my before and after, i was shook! I have been her client for almost 2 years and I do not regret having her keep me blonde and beautiful. I have seen 5 different hair stylist who couldn't give me exactly what I wanted until I met Fiona, who will forever be my stylist!! Fiona definitely has the magic touch when it comes to taking care of your hair and making sure it stays healthy and will always  be real and tell your exactly what you need to achieve your look. Totally love Sunkissed salon and the staff!

Jessica Marie 

I have been seeing Fiona for about two years now and I have found my forever stylist. Her salon is so cute, has the best coffee and the cutest pup-assistant named Poppy! Fiona really cares about your hair and is super honest about what she can do and what is best for your hair's health. I have done balayage with her several times from natural black hair to blonder and now doing rose gold color. She does an amazing job and I love how my hair turns out all the time. If you need a hair style, hair color, hair cut, Sunkissed is the place! They also have so many great hair and beauty products in stock that Fiona recommends specifically for you.

Irene Shin